5.0 Star Rating ★★★★★
21+ Reviews

5.0 Star Rating ★★★★★   21+ Reviews

Tick Control

Our Tick Control Services

As you may know, tick bites can have severe consequences for children and pets. Five out of the ten diseases ticks transmit to humans, can also be transferred to cats and dogs. Which means keeping your family and four-legged friends tick-free is super important. Luckily, Prime Termite & Pest Solutions can put your tick worries to rest.  Our trained technicians will target shrubs and plants around your home with an insecticide and insect growth regulator, to get rid of these dangerous bloodsuckers at the source.

Our Unique Approach To Tick Control

Tick control starts with your furry friends. There are a variety of products available to treat your pet(s), and those options should be reviewed with your veterinarian. After putting your dog or cat on a monthly preventative, your yard should be treated by the professionals at Prime Termite & Pest Solutions. Learn more about our tick control service:

1. Tick Inspection

Before we get started, we will inspect your entire property, checking for any signals of tick activity. If you are currently dealing with a tick problem, we will move forward with our state-of-the-art tick treatment. Two or three services are usually required to eliminate existing tick issues and prevent future ones from ever occurring.

2. Tick Treatment

Next, we will target shrubs and plants around your lawn with insecticide and insect growth regulator in order to kill adult ticks and stop future generations from breeding. This treatment provides you with the long-term protection you deserve.

Why Choose Prime Termite & Pest Solutions

In addition to providing top-notch pest control services, we are very proud to offer the following benefits to our family, friends, and neighbors throughout southern Alabama:

We're Fast

We know you don't want to deal with pests any longer than you need to. That's why we've made providing quick service a strength of ours. 

We're Friendly

Knowledgeable and friendly—those are the personal traits that make for an outstanding technician here at Prime Termite & Pest Solutions.

We're Safe

We know you are putting a lot of trust in our hands, which is why all our technicians follow standard safety protocols from start to finish. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Your Tick COntrol Service Safe For My Family & Pets?

Absolutely! Once the treatment dries, your yard will be 100% safe for your children and pets to enjoy once again. On average, it takes an hour for the product to dry. So we recommend that you keep your family off the lawn during that time.

I have My Cat/Dog On Tick medicine. Why Should I treat my Lawn?

First off, ticks target dogs, cats, AND humans. You see, ticks patiently wait for warm-blooded animals to pass by the tips of grasses and shrubs they’re hiding on. If your children or pet happens to brush by one of these plants, the tick will quickly let go of the vegetation and latch on to them. To avoid becoming a host for these bloodsucking pests, trust the experts at Prime Termite & Pest Solutions to treat your yard for ticks. Call 251-401-5058 to schedule your appointment today!

Quick Relief Package

Starting at $145, you get 3 treatments spaced 7 days apart, giving you a 95% reduction in mosquitoes!  

To keep your lawn tick-free, call 251-401-5058 today!

Happy Customers


"Called several different places to take care of my problem but they just gave me the run around, made the call to [Prime Termite & Pest Solutions] and the next day he was there ready to spray great rates and friendly service and as a big Plus haven't seen a Roach in two weeks!!!!! And I have gotten to enjoy my yard again."

- Joseph W.


Cory W. definitely takes care of [mosquitoes] and without any mercy! We have three acres of land and a pool. We can enjoy our yard and a pleasant evening outdoors due to his efforts. He is a certified professional and once he got his license we have used him exclusively. I trust him to take care of my home and property.

- Trish B.


"I recently contacted [Prime Termite & Pest Solutions] about a mosquito and ant problem. We have a low lying area that produces a lot of mosquitos, Cory came right out and took care of our problem and while there also treated our yard for ants. Cory was very professional and I will continue to do business with [Prime]."

- Todd T.

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